Palmerton Fire Co.No. 1 History

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History of our Company

During the early part of 1902, action was taken to create a fire fighting brigade. On February 1st 1902 an association was formed, known as the Franklin Social Club. Quarters for the club were provided in the south east corner of the old stone house on the corner of Third and Lehigh Ave. The house is still standing today. On October 20, 1902 the club was organized into a fire company. Hand carts composed the first firefighting equipment. They were positioned at various parts of town. In 1906 a horse drawn cart was added. It was operated by the Horse Head Inn Stage Line horses.

As time passed, interest in the company dwindled into practically nothing. So in 1911 the Citizens Co-Operative Association appointed a commitee to organize a fire company.

On September 6, 1911 the Towamensing Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 was organized. A horse drawn steamer was recieved on Feb. 16, 1912 and on Feb 22, 1912 the company's new quarters on Delaware Ave were moved into. The company became incorporated on June 12, 1912 at which time it was then taken over and maintained by the borough.

In 1917 the borough bought a new Lafrance triple combination fire truck. The company continued until 1934 when it became the Palmerton Fire Company No. 1. More advanced equipment was needed so a new pumper was purchased in 1934 and was dedicated along with the new Fire Co. No. 1 name. A 1939 Ford pumper was added and in 1955 a new Ford pumper was purchased.

In 1968 the company was moved into the present location at 414 Third Street right behind the original Franklin Social Club stone house.

In 1971 a new Lafrance pumper was recieved an in August of 1978 the company bought a 1972 Chevy Ambulance to convert it into a heavy rescue unit. This rescue truck at the time became the only rescue in the county to be dual certified as a rescue and ambulance at the same time. In 1982 the H.K. Porter rescue tool was purchased and has performed with excellence many times since. It was retired in 2005 when the company took out a loan for the first time in its history to purchase the new Genesis Rescue System.

In 1995 a new Smeal 1500 GPM pumper was purchased by the Fire Company and The Borough of Palmerton and equipped by Firemans Relief Association of Palmerton, and is on of the main attack pumpers in the Borough today. It also carries the Genisis Rescue System and other rescue equipment, such as a tripod rescue system.

On February 19th 2009 the Palmerton Borough Council decided to merge the two fire companies which they found out they could not legally do because they did not own the Charter.  However,  Fire Company #1 personel have joined West End #2 as active members. In February 2013 the charter of Fire Co. No. 1 was legally merged with West End Fire Co. No. 2 and is now part of West End No. 2 

In 2014 the Borough with there infinite wisdom created The Palmerton Municipal Fire Department which is now run by the Borough of Palmerton and Borough Council Fire Commitee.

Original Picture of our horse drawn steamer from 1912